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Complete home interiors in 3 easy steps
Step 01


We supply all types of Aluminium Profiles, Grills, ACP Bords, & More...


All types of Ceiling meterials available ie., Channels, Gypsum boards, Tiles ...


We provide all types of Hardware fittings for Aluminum and Ceiling.


Al-Glow quality products have made us confident enough to find a remarkable place in market. Our strength lies in clients' confidence and we have proved our quality standards in every progressive step. By keeping ourselves up to date and keeping a track of changing trend, We are able to get desirable recognition and success from our customers. Our team researches new technologies to incorporate into our products so that we can meet our customers' current and future needs.

Our commitment to Safety reflects the great value we place on people and life. There is nothing we do that is worth getting hurt over. We will never ask one of our AL Glow team members to risk his or her life or limb, and we will never put a customer, supplier, or member of the community at risk.

We also believe you will notice that Material Sales Unlimited is not just any ordinary company. Call us today, and let us make a difference on your project.